Trident Fitness Lunch Break Shooting Drills
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 The goal of our tactical shooting courses are to help individuals shoot and move faster and more efficiently.  This video was not scripted or practiced just like real world applications or conflicts wouldnt be.  Training your body to move, while keeping a good shooting foundation, is the key.  We practice and teach people of all levels how to accomplish this through various tactical training courses.
Along with having a good shooting foundation is a good fitness foundation.  To preform at a high level of combat shooting you have to also train your body to preform the movements.  To start, you want to develop the ability to get on the ground and stand back up with out putting your hands on the ground.  This will enable you to keep control of your weapon and stay engaged with the target the entire time.  It seem like a simple task, but with out a fitness foundation you will find it to be very challenging.  Luckily we can help you with this as well!

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